The Pho Vistro Mantra: Healthy Pho Life

A bowl of Pho has many different ingredients. There’s fresh herbs, spices, and succulent broth, amongst many other delicious products. A bowl of Pho Vistro offers three more additions:

The promise of freshness and healthiness (zero MSG) An authentic, old-fashioned Vietnamese cooking process that takes over 30 hours of care and preparation Quality and premium ingredients, including the use of only organic beef, herbs and vegetables. Our pho contains zero MSG and includes vitamin-rich herbs and spices such as fennel seed, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anise, cloves, cilantro, among many other healthy ingredients. Another healthy distinction is our naturally grown, organic bean sprouts – which contain vitamins that can help with weight loss, lowered cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, and other well-being goals.

The Pho V Express Story

The restaurant launched in August of 2016 and was the idea of three friends: A doctor, an engineer, and a newspaper publisher. We wanted to create a pho restaurant that focused on deliciously authentic Vietnamese cooking traditions and the healthiest, most natural ingredients possible. We take pride in being one of the few restaurants in the city with zero MSG on our menu.

Our mission is to promote the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine and culture one bowl of pho at a time.

``Five stars for offering tasty and healthy options for Vegans and those with food allergies and intolerances! Quality doesn't lie. After two visits to this cute bistro, I'm starting to notice the details that make this place PHOnomenal.``

Janna S. - Yelp

``My favourite pho place from now on! I was wowed by their decor at first but their food was even better. Who can resist food that cook without MSG, and use local produce? This place and food is so elevated and love their services as well! ``

Virginia W. - Yelp
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